Family Mediation

Posted on June 29th, 2023 in News.

At Eldridges, we understand that family disputes can be emotionally draining, leaving everyone involved feeling frustrated, hurt, and overwhelmed. That’s why we are proud to boast that amongst our team is James Thorn, an experienced mediator dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where open communication, collaboration, and understanding can thrive.

Why Choose Mediation?

  1. Confidentiality: We prioritise the confidentiality of your discussions, ensuring that your personal matters remain private and secure within our sessions. As a mediator, James is bound by strict codes of conduct to protect your sensitive information.
  2. Neutral and Impartial Guidance: James will act as a neutral third party, ensuring fairness and impartiality throughout the process. As a mediator, James cannot take sides but will work diligently to facilitate productive conversations and guide you towards mutually acceptable resolutions.
  3. Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient: Mediation offers an affordable alternative to costly and lengthy courtroom battles. Our efficient process enables families to reach agreements more swiftly, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.
  4. Preservation of Relationships: We believe in preserving and rebuilding relationships whenever possible. Our mediators work to foster open dialogue, encourage empathy, and help families find common ground, fostering healthier and more sustainable connections for the future.
  5. Compliance with the Law: James, who is also a qualified solicitor, has an extensive understanding of Family Law and how it operates. James will be able to guide you through the legal framework, ensuring that any agreements reached are fully compliant with the law, providing you with peace of mind and legal certainty.

Don’t let conflicts escalate and make a bad situation worse. Mediation is a real viable option of that can find a lasting resolution. For more information, see our Family Mediation page or contact James directly today to find out more

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