If you are being treated unfairly by your employer we can support you through negotiating a resolution. If you are an employer with an unsatisfactory employee we will support your rights in law. James Thorn takes the lead in this area, working towards successful dispute resolution.

Compromise Agreements

This is a negotiated settlement between employer and employee in exchange for an agreement that no further claims will be made.

This is a legally recognised way of terminating the employment and fulfilling the settlement, without future complications or problems.

Eldridges can act for the employer in drawing up agreements and advising employees on the effects of entering such an agreement.

Employment Contracts

All employees whose employment lasts more than a month need a written statement of their terms.

A properly drafted employment contract will help to ensure disputes can be dealt with quickly. The statement should include core provisions such as job title, rates of pay and disciplinary and grievance procedures. Eldridges can help you draft your statements of employment or more complex contracts of employment to meet your business needs and requirements.

Employment Disputes

Eldridges will represent an employer or employee in any dispute in the work place, and offer practical advice to either side.

Employers who behave fairly and reasonably, give proper warnings and follow statutory procedures, are entitled to dismiss employees who are incompetent, misbehave or whose services are no longer required. However, the processes involved are not always straightforward, hence the growth in claims to Employment Tribunals. Unfair dismissal is the largest source of complaint with awards of up to £63,000 a possibility (potentially unlimited in cases of discrimination) for those employers judged to be in the wrong.

Eldridges can advise on the steps that should be taken before dismissing employees. We can also appear on your behalf should you suffer a claim that goes to an Employment Tribunal.

Work Discrimination

Experiencing discrimination in the workplace is unpleasant and upsetting, whether it be through age, religion, race or gender.

Eldridges’ experienced team works toward the best outcome for employees suffering from day to day verbal bullying.

Discrimination in the workplace occurs when a worker is treated less favourably than others. This can be due to one or more of a range of factors – sex, race, age, disability, religion or even work hours.

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