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We’re recruiting!

We’re recruiting! 2560 1705 Eldridges

Eldridges is looking for a conveyancer to join their busy team on the Isle of Wight.

The successful candidate will have experience in conveyancing, be able to manage their own residential caseload and have excellent communication skills. They will be highly organised, motivated, and work well in a team.

To apply click the following link:

Kyle Cooper

No fault divorce and what it means to you

No fault divorce and what it means to you 1000 734 Eldridges

No fault divorce and what it means to you

On the 6th April 2022, the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 finally came into effect. This Act has introduced the largest and most far-reaching overhaul to the law of divorce in England
and Wales in over half a century.

Before the 6th April, it was necessary for one spouse in a divorce to accept “blame” for why the marriage had broken down. For some couples this was not a problem because there was an obvious reason for the breakdown of the marriage i.e. someone had an affair, it was an abusive relationship, it was a loveless marriage etc. But for couples who simply felt that the marriage had run its course, they had to wait two, or sometimes even five years, before they could obtain a divorce. If that couple wished for the divorce to go through sooner, then one spouse had to give a somewhat extensive list of the other spouses “unreasonable behaviour”. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

What’s new

The law in England and Wales has now become what is termed as a “no fault” system. Under the no fault system one spouse, or both spouses acting together, can file a petition for divorce without having to give a reason or assign blame to anyone. A simple statement that the marriage is now over will, in the vast majority of cases, be all of the evidence that the Court needs to issue the divorce.

The new law has also replaced some of the old archaic language previously used with language that non-legal professionals can actually understand. In a divorce, you will now receive a Conditional Order (formerly known as a Decree Nisi), and then a Final Order (formerly known as a Decree Absolute). The Conditional Order will be granted after a minimum period of 20 weeks has elapsed from when your divorce petition was first issued. This 20 week period is termed the “period of reflection”, and the hope is that during the period of reflection, spouses will be able to begin discussions regarding child arrangements and the division of marital assets.

Once the Conditional Order is granted, you must wait a minimum of six weeks before applying for a Final Order. Once a Final Order is granted, your marriage will be dissolved and will legally end. This means that a divorce can now be issued and resolved in a minimum of six months. Finances can only be finalised by the Court once a Conditional Order has been granted.

It is also important to mention that a no fault divorce cannot be defended. This means that those people who previously needed their spouse’s permission for a divorce, will no longer be trapped in a marriage that they now wish to leave – a reform that is well overdue.

Why change

The reason for these changes is simple. The Courts do not want to add any more acrimony to what can already be a fraught and difficult situation for people. Going through a divorce can quite understandably be extremely challenging and emotionally damaging, so much so, that other important issues can end up getting lost by the wayside. The Courts wish the emphasis to now be placed upon prioritising important issues such as resolving child arrangements and finances, instead of focussing on mudslinging under the old system.

It is clear to see that the 6th April 2022 will forever be marked in history as the day when the law of divorce in England and Wales finally entered into the 21 st century and became fit for use.

Article Credit: Kyle Cooper

Help to Buy

Autumn Budget change in Stamp Duty for Shared Ownership

Autumn Budget change in Stamp Duty for Shared Ownership 308 200 Eldridges

The Autumn Budget saw a change in Stamp Duty for those who purchase Shared Ownership Properties. This means that all purchases under this scheme will be exempt from Stamp Duty.

Whilst previously there were two ways of electing to pay this tax under this scheme, it now makes more practical sense to nominate to submit a stamp duty return on the full market value of the property rather than the smaller share you may be purchasing. This means that when you increase your share in the property bit by bit (known as staircasing) up to 100%, you will not have to pay any further tax or submit a new stamp duty return unless the market value has increased. Eldridges would, of course, be pleased to advise you on all shared ownership sales and purchases.

Follow the link to to find out more about shared ownership:

Claim a power of attorney refund

Claim a power of attorney refund 600 408 Eldridges

Claim a power of attorney refund

Did you know you can get part of your application fee back if you applied to register a power of attorney from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017?

This applies to lasting powers of attorney (LPA) and enduring powers of attorney (EPA).

  • You must claim your refund by 31 January 2021.
  • You can only claim a refund if you made the power of attorney in England or Wales.

Who can claim a refund?

You can make a claim if you are:

  • The ‘donor’ – the person who made the power of attorney.
  • An ‘attorney’ – appointed by the donor in an LPA or EPA to make decisions on their behalf.

For more information and to access the online claim procedure visit

IW County Show Tug of War

Royal Isle of Wight County Show

Royal Isle of Wight County Show 600 408 Eldridges

We are pleased to announce, that in conjunction with Moore Stephens, we are sponsoring this years Tug of War at the Royal Isle of Wight County Show on Sunday 25th June taking place in the County Show Ground, Northwood.

Tug of Wars have been a longstanding highlight of a traditional county show and in 2015 the organisers took the decision to bring back the fun event. This year will see IW Young Farmers Club members and former “old” members battle it out in the main arena at 2.40pm over three pulls.

We have a long established history of working with the rural community on the Isle of Wight, as do Moore Stephens. Working alongside each other we have offered sponsorship as our commitment to the local rural community.

The Tug of War is definitely one of the highlights of the Island’s summer County Show, so don’t miss it.

Sponsors of the tug of war

Win a pair of tickets…

Win a pair of tickets… 600 408 Eldridges

WIN a pair of tickets to see the Nick Page quintet on 1st June as part of the Newport Jazz Weekend 2017.
Just simply like and share our Facebook page for a chance to win. For more information on the event visit: The closing date is Friday 28th May. Good luck


New Home Hamper

New Home Hamper 600 408 Eldridges

All clients who instruct us in relation to purchasing a property within the month of June will receive a complimentary welcome home bag filled with local produce upon completing the transaction. We all know that buying a house can be a stressful time so if you instruct Eldridges and complete a purchase, we’ll provide you with a welcome home bag as a special treat. Enjoy local produce including coffee, biscuits and honey, all wrapped up in a stylish Eldridges jute bag – perfect for keeping in the car to use on the weekly shop.

Contact the team now and see how we could help make your dream home a reality.
Call the Newport office on 01983 524741 or the Freshwater office on 01983 752492.

Terms & Conditions

1. This promotion is only valid on house purchase instructions made during June (1st – 30th June 2017).
2. The property purchase must complete before 30th September 2017.
3. One welcome bag per client.
4. Eldridges reserve the right to change this promotion, the bag or the bag’s contents at any time, without prior warning.
5. The promotion is subject to availability.
6. The bag is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.

Marian Friend

Calamity Jane & Sensible Sue – A Case Study

Calamity Jane & Sensible Sue – A Case Study 600 408 Eldridges

Jane put down the phone with a huge smile on her face. She raced outside to Sue, in her excitement tripping over Fido, their brainless dog, saying, “We’ve got it!”.  They danced a celebratory jig before reality kicked in.

Jane said “Oh, and the agents want to know what solicitor we are using, they said they know someone that is cheap and suggested it would be easier if we use them”. 

Sue retorted “but we don’t know if they are any good” .

Jane was keen to go with the selling agents’ suggestion but  Sue had checked a few internet reviews and some didn’t make good reading.  Sue discovered that some agents don’t always recommend the best solicitor, they are often driven by corporate targets and can receive incentive payments.  Sue suggested they ask friends and relatives for recommendations, after all this is the biggest purchase of their lives.

Jane & Sue rang a few solicitors. Jane was keen to go with the cheapest quote but Sue pointed out they must not be swayed by a low headline figure.  Sue spotted “add ons” in the small print which meant  the so called low cost firms were not as competitive as they first appeared. In the end they decided to use a long established local firm, Eldridges, who gave them a clear breakdown of precisely what it would all cost.

Before they began house hunting they had had their mortgage agreed in principle and they quickly completed the application form, hoping the lender would not down value the house they hoped to buy.

They met with their solicitor, Nigel, early on.  They were asked to bring in their passports to prove who they were, something that Jane thought was unnecessary because she remembered  Nigel  from school: he was the spotty geek who always sat at the front of the class.

Jane did not understand why Nigel asked them so many questions:  which of you is providing the deposit, will you be paying the mortgage instalments equally and what will happen if you fall out, or die?  Nigel even suggested they make Wills  (Nigel never had a reputation as the class clown!) .  Fortunately, Jane waited until they had left Nigel’s office before asking Sue why the solicitor had been concerned about their laundry, was it because the house had a built in washing machine?   Sue hooted with laughter as the penny dropped. “Oh Jane, he was explaining about the Government’s Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, which is why I told him I would bring in all the paperwork we have to show where our deposit is coming from. Don’t you remember the money from your  accident claim, when you tripped on the pavement  and the money from my investment policy?  Thank goodness we both kept it all!”  “Oh dear”, Jane thought, “when do I confess that Fido might have eaten mine?”.

But Nigel was really good: he went through all the paperwork with them and kept them fully informed at every stage.  He sent Sue & Jane the Local, Drainage and Environmental Search results and explained what they meant.  Nigel explained the vital stage of “exchanging contracts”, which is when the purchase becomes a “done deal”, with no going back.  Nigel gave them ample notice of when he would need the ten per cent deposit which is payable at exchange of contracts.  He advised them to ensure they had all the purchase money under their control before they committed to buy.

Jane was surprised to learn that Josh, her 18 year old son,  from a previous relationship, who lived with them,  was being asked to sign a form for the Mortgage Company – especially as he never got out of bed before lunch time, let alone earn enough to help buy the house!  

Nigel, understanding that Jane and Sue were animal lovers, gave them helpful advice as moving day can be very traumatic for pets. He suggested they put their cat, Sylvester, into a cattery overnight and arrange for Sue’s Mum to take care of Fido during the actual move.   “Removal firms are very careful but open gates and doors can allow beloved pets to escape in all the excitement and confusion.”  Nigel  told them of a recent change in the law, which makes it compulsory to update address and contact details for Fido’s microchip.

Nigel also advised Jane and Sue not to give notice to quit their current, rented, house until they had exchanged contracts, to avoid becoming homeless.  Nigel arranged the timing of it all to suit Jane and Sue so they did not double up on rent and mortgage payments.  Brilliant!

Finally, completion day arrived.  Sue & Jane learned that was the day the house became theirs and they could collect the keys from the selling agents.  It was also the day they would have a huge mortgage around their necks!  They had taken Nigel’s advice to pay for a Postal Redirection, to ensure vital communications reached them, and to change the locks on the doors as you never know who might have a key to the property.

After introducing Fido to his new home and unpacking a few essentials, Jane and Sue cracked open a celebratory bottle of champagne.  They had taken just a few sips before they heard a dreadful commotion in their new neighbour’s garden. A weary Sue shouted to Jane, “You left the gate open, you idiot, and Fido has ————–!!”

Whatever could Fido have been up to in the neighbour’s garden? Please email your suggestions to 

Marian Friend BA (Hons) Law  TEP  SFE. Solicitor with Eldridges
October 2016

All characters in this article are fictitious, including Nigel, but Eldridges have many conveyancers just like him – and without the spots.


Welcome home bag for all buyer instruction throughout October

Welcome home bag for all buyer instruction throughout October 600 408 Eldridges

For all house buying instruction in October, the buyers will receive a free welcome home bag filled with local produce upon completion.

We all know that buying a house can be a stressful time so if you instruct Eldridges and complete a purchase, we’ll provide you with a welcome home bag free of charge. Enjoy local produce including coffee, chocolates, chutney and fudge, all wrapped up in an Eldridges high quality jute bag. The bags are perfect for keeping in the car to use on the weekly shop so contact the team now and see how we could help your dream home become a reality.

Call the Newport office on 01983 524741 or the Freshwater office on 01983 752492.

Terms & Conditions
1. This promotion is only valid on house purchase instructions made during October (1st – 31st October 2016). 2. The property purchase must complete before 31st Janury 2017. 3. One welcome bag per client. 4. Eldridges reserve the right to change this promotion, the bag or the bag’s contents at any time, without prior warning. 5. Subject to availability. 6. The bag is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.

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