Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Make a Will


1. You Decide Who Gets What
 A Will is legally binding, which means that any family fights about who gets what will be minimised.

2. If you are not Married you can Protect your Partner
 If you are not married and die without a Will, then the law does not recognise your partner as someone that can inherit. Your partner may end up with nothing.

3. You can choose who looks after your minor children
 Your Will can give detailed instructions on how your children are to be looked after.

4. Inheritance Tax
 Detailed advice can be given to you about the likely amount of inheritance tax you will to pay when you die. This can help you plan for the future.

5. Avoid a lengthy probate process
 Without a Will the Courts decide who gets what which is a lengthy process

Don't put off making a Will, however uncomplicated you consider your situation to be. We will help you ensure your assets are left according to your wishes.  Please contact our expert Private Client Team: Adam Jessup, Sarah Prince, Helen Girton, Isabel Brown or Alison Parkes.