Sarah Prince

Sarah Prince TEP

Solicitor / Partner

Sarah, one of three partners in the firm, heads up the team in Freshwater, encouraging a friendly, open approach to clients, welcoming personal visitors and telephone enquirers equally. 

Sarah took a different route from her colleagues to becoming a solicitor. Rather than studying law at University she went through the Legal Executive route, which meant she was working and training at the same time, and she jokes that she had to work twice as hard as her colleagues for her qualification. Certainly her commitment to hard work has never left her.

She has been with Eldridges since 2003. She specialises in private client work, which means giving clients advice on Wills, Probate and Lasting Power of Attorney, and considered it important to gain the extra qualification of a Trust and Estate Practitioner, something not compulsory but which is becoming an industry standard. 

Because many of her local clients are elderly she is more than happy to visit them in their homes for no extra charge, and her friendly, practical manner puts them at their ease.

When she isn’t working Sarah will be enjoying the Isle of Wight countryside with her dog.