Helen Girton

Helen Girton LLB (Hons)


Helen has the winning combination of vast experience and a sensible and easy to understand approach.

She has been with Eldridges since October 2012: for the previous two years she had been commuting to Oxfordshire. Her career began in 1977, in a law firm in Gray’s Inn in London, where she became a partner. When her husband was posted to Washington DC she worked in a law firm there, successfully grappling with Washington’s own legal system as well as the British-based Maryland and French-based Virginia systems.

Two years after returning to Gray’s Inn the family moved to Melbourne, Australia. Here she headed up a hospital charity supporting women with preeclampsia. 

Returning to England after six years, Helen worked in Bicester, Oxfordshire, continuing there even after she and her family had moved to the Isle of Wight. Now she isn’t forever on the road she indulges her love of couture sewing to make wedding dresses. 

At Eldridges Helen specialises in Wills, Probate and Probate Trusts. She understands that for many people, taking on the responsibility of administering the estate of a relative can be daunting, and so her common sense, jargon-free approach is appreciated. She is often told by clients that she has made things easy for them to understand.