Adam Jessup

Adam Jessup B.A. (Hons)

Solicitor / Partner

Cowes boy and English graduate Adam came to the law after an initial career with British Aerospace. There his dealings with export contracts made him wonder about a career as a lawyer, and he returned to college to study.

Although he planned to do commercial law he found in his first practice in Portsmouth that he was particularly suited to private client work, and at Eldridges, with whom he has been since 2006, he deals with Wills, Probate and Trusts. His sensitivity to the needs of people at a time of bereavement enables him to guide them through the legal technicalities in a sympathetic and professional way.

Adam is a qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner, and in setting up and administering Trusts and Wills, Adam sometimes has to tread what can be a sensitive tightrope. A beyond-the-grave wish may have practical implications for offspring with previous partners, and Adam’s knowledge and experience makes for straightforward and helpful solutions. 

Tax burdens are a worry to those making provision for their loved ones, and by constantly updating his knowledge as laws change Adam can help clients through complex or confusing situations.  

Adam is a family man with three children. He plays guitar, once in a band but now simply for pleasure and at his local church.